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Pests at Commercial Sites Are Not Beautiful Sights

Pests at Commercial Sites Are Not Beautiful Sights

Pest infestation in Australia is not a new thing and it happens to be a headache for the people of this continent. A pest-infested commercial site is as dreadful as their presence in one’s home can be. At Al-Maani Pest Control Services, we offer reliable, readily accessible and affordable commercial pest control in Melbourne

We can address various pest concerns at a variety of commercial sites and businesses. Our team realized the impact that pests can cast on the safety and reputation of your business. 


Are You Taking the Pests Lightly? 

Who would pay you to avail products from you or access your service when your operation site is infested by pests? 

Almost everybody knows quite well that pests carry disease-causing germs, which can seriously damage one’s health. People these days are rushing to gyms and clinics for staying in good health. They are taking extra measures to stay fit. 

Who will come to your business to compromise their health?  NOBODY! 


The Facts YOU Need to Know Right NOW! 

A single mouse is reported to mess up your commercial space with 40-200 droppings EVERY DAY! Each of these rat/mouse droppings is a serious health hazard to anyone around. 

The gestation period in mice is only 20 days. In their 2 years of lifespan, they reproduce 200-300 little ones! The little ones will start mating immediately after they are 1 or 2 months old. Do the calculation now. They will overrun you and your employees in your own office/shop. 

These rodents eat 15-20 times every day. Let the almighty have some mercy on your stocked edible items in the pantry section! 

Cockroaches carry 30 HARMFUL bacteria species in their guts and cuticles! Even a small-scale infestation will take around 10 days for complete eradication. And, a roach lays 10-40 eggs simultaneously

Allergies, serious infections and several diseases make the site a creepy section. 


What Al-Maani team does? 

Infested commercial site owners can book an inspection with the Al-Maani team. We will reach the address and conduct a thorough inspection of the entire property. It is possible that you cannot detect which pest type is messing with your business’s health and reputation. 


  • Our skilled pest technicians with years of experience in the industry can help you get acquainted with your pesty enemies and avail of useful information and access a range of possible solutions.
  • We can work with you to minimize the risks of product contamination.
  • Tailor-made pest management programs devised, keeping your specific project details in mind, help us protect your facility from pests successfully.


Our expert and experienced team can implement a series of commercial pest control in Melbourne at your commercial site. And, we do it without compromising the safety standards and established pest control protocols observed in the city. 

Our team can cover all your pest control and prevention needs using both time-tested and innovative tactics. If you want, we can carry out a detailed inspection of your commercial facility periodically to ensure pest concerns stay outside the gate. 



Al-Maani specializes in offering competitively priced commercial pest control for hospitals, restaurants, schools and childcare units, warehouses, offices, retail outlets and shopping centres, factories etc. 


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Cockroach Treatment Removal Control
Pesty Little Nuisances & Asthma: What’s the link?

Pesty Little Nuisances & Asthma: What’s the link?

Creepy crawlers paroling your property without batting an eye is an audacity one shouldn’t swallow without protest.  Especially when the situation can ruin your overall health condition. 

Almost all of us are aware of cockroaches as their frequency to our place at some point in time has been there. Their presence at any property gives a very disgusting impression to people. It is often associated with dirt and dusty places where hygiene is something that is compromised heavily. 

Whether it is your shop, your house, your office, or any space, it does give a nasty feeling. Their mere presence only can be an annoyance to some people. When we don’t want to comment anything on their looks, it is an undeniable fact that they are the prominent carriers of several disease-causing germs. It is what makes people dislike them even more and seek Cockroach Treatment Removal Control solutions. 


Sources of Cockroach Allergens 

They are a potent source of allergens, triggering the conditions to an upsetting level. Roaches are asthma triggers. The allergens they produce and release into their immediate surroundings contaminate your indoor atmosphere. 


The main sources of cockroach allergens are

  • Cockroach saliva
  • Fecal matter
  • Shredded skin
  • Desiccated remains of the cockroaches 

Inhalation of any of these cockroach allergens can develop and also trigger allergic reactions among humans. 

The ones that heavily infest human dwellings and also are often associated with spreading allergens include-

  • German cockroach (they are not restricted to German!)
  • Brown-banded cockroach 
  • Smoky Brown Cockroach 

The allergens they release into the indoor air are airborne but do not remain suspended in the air for longer. They settle in dust-trapping fabrics, pillows, and upholstery items. This is where people inhale the allergens from and upset their inner system. 


Children & Roach Sensitization 


A quite upsetting piece of information might become a fact with the availability of enough reliable evidence in a few days that it is a significator factor in the development of asthma among pre-school-aged ones. 

Cockroach sensitization is indeed a sensitive matter. As per a recent study it has come to the public knowledge that the hospitalization rate for asthma-diagnosed children was 3.4 times higher whose skin test results came positive for cockroach allergens. Also, it was discovered that their bedrooms had a heavy roach infestation. So, they were more exposed to cockroach allergens than the kids who had no such infestation at their respective places. The timely observance of Cockroach Treatment Removal Control practices might have prevented the situation as experts opine. 

Research exposed that such children (exposed to cockroach allergens) also frequented clinics and hospitals around 78% more than the rest with more sizzling, developing rashes and other allergic reaction concerns. 

Kids whose skin test results came negative to cockroach allergens didn’t have to miss so many school days and lie down with allergic symptoms as the ones exposed to cockroach sensitization had to. Allergic asthma and atopy conditions are visibly common among kids whose houses are infested. 


Wrapping up

Cockroach-exposed and cockroach-sensitized adults and kids suffer the most from allergic conditions than others. The triggering causes of asthma and other respiratory concerns are different for different patients. Nevertheless, roach infestation is a significant contributor to the condition.


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Why Should You Look for Rodents Removal Control Treatment?

Why Should You Look for Rodents Removal Control Treatment?

Do you wish to cohabitate with beavers, rats, mice, squirrels, hamsters, or rodents? Hopefully, you didn’t answer a ‘yes’! Because if you did, this blog is not for you. 

‘Rodents as pets’ we don’t know, but ‘rodents as pests’ is the area we can be of enormous assistance to you. Rats and mice are ranked 1 when it comes to damaging properties, affecting human health, disturbing other pets, and ruining the general overall quality of life indoors. 

Their bodies stay laden with innumerable disease-causing and spreading microbes. These are almost naked to the human eye. Rodents most stay in dirty and shabby places that make their bodies stay laden with germs, even more, 24*7. 


The Rodents & Problems 

Rats and mice transmit several diseases to humans directly and indirectly. Hantavirus, leptospirosis, lymphocytic choriomeningitis (LCMV), Tularemia and Salmonella are the few commonest health concerns they are responsible for. Their droppings, urine, saliva, and body secretions of different types all can cause and spread infections among humans. 

Rats and mice destruct crops, and properties, and affect human lives. They are troublesome pests for sure. 

Beavers can damage the trees and shrubs in the garden considerably. All the landscaping artistry done by your hired professionals will go in vain once the beavers become frequent visitors to your greenery. Rabbits and Squirrels are other prominent rodents who take immense interest in landscaping your backyard as they deem fit. 

Reportedly, squirrels spread diseases like tularemia, salmonelosis, typhus, ringworm etc. Squirrels might look cute, but these cuties do bite! 


Rabbits spread a few diseases like salmonella, listeria and pseudotuberculosis. Their bites and scratches spread disease-causing bacteria to humans. The fur of rodents, whether rats, rabbits, or squirrels, always trigger allergic reactions amongst people who are prone or sensitive to such concerns. 

If you are lovingly sheltering them at your place, you can go on showering your affection on them. But, if you ever feel that these are the guests you never intended to welcome while they are shamelessly frequenting your property, we might be the one you need to call. 


The Solution 

Al-Maani Pest Control Services offers you the most reliable yet the most affordable rodents removal control treatment solutions We have been chasing off these shameless intruders from properties for a considerable number of years now. 

We are aware of the habits, hideouts, and potential risks that these pests have. Our team comes prepared with all the requisite tools, and resources necessary for tackling them. 

You can count on us to get rid of them. A pest-free clean property only can give one the ‘home sweet home’ feeling. Rats, mice, and other rodents enjoying free access to your property and running here and there is a disgusting sight that anyone would loathe. 

Our methods to tackle the issue is effective but usually non-toxic. We use harsh chemical-based solutions to treat the concerns outside the building/house. For indoors, we adopt eco-friendly tactics and pest control products as much as possible. 

There would be no risk to the quality of life indoors once we step in to resolve the matter.  


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Why Do You Need Professional Help for Fleas Pest Control in Melbourne?

Why Do You Need Professional Help for Fleas Pest Control in Melbourne?

Are monstrous tiny wingless parasites (external ones) biting your pets and you at your home? Are the fleas around mocking your pet care with their stubborn presence? At Al-Maani Pest Control Services, we can deal with them on your behalf and show them the ‘exit’ never to return again. 


Flea management is an essential part of the pet care regime. Do you know your pets can also develop the symptoms of anemia? And, these are the fleas that transmit tapeworms to the pet responsible for causing anemia.  They carry pathogens and can transmit diseases, like bubonic plague, to humans and pet animals. 


Plus, they are notorious for their biting habit. Yes, fleas do bite without being disturbed or provoked, unlike your other pestering house pests. They bite your pets, they bite your family members and you. It is their favourite pastime or might say they are conditioned to do this annoying stuff! While their bites are not fatal, it definitely causes intense irritation or a sense of itching around the wound site. 


Al-Maani Pest Control Services offers the most affordable fleas pest control in Melbourne. Being present in this field of business for years, it is no challenge for us to control the infestation situation at home. The tactics, tools, and resources used by our team do the job effectively without polluting the indoor quality. We do not use very harsh chemical-based toxic pesticides thoughtlessly inside your house. 


The products we use are mostly eco-friendly ones. Obviously, some harsh and aggressive methods and products we need to use to combat challenging infestations. But, mostly, we know how to tackle the pestering agents at your abode using tactics that are not hostile to your indoor atmosphere.  



First, our fleas pest control in Melbourne experts pay a visit to your place to check the extent of the infestation. Being professional pest controllers, our eyes are better trained to detect their trails and discover their hideouts quicker. The inspection of the entire property, with attention to every corner and hard-to-reach space, is crucial. 


Depending on the extent of the infestation, the pest control program will be curated. Not every situation calls for the same type of treatment. So, the team plans and renders the needed solutions post inspection. 


Rest assured, the Al-Maani team will not waste time in between these two visits. We stay geared up to combat the pest concerns at your place sooner than you expect. We are here to rescue your property and improve your quality of life by chasing off or exterminating the pests. 


Pest-free property is a blessing but in reality, it seldom happens. To make it happen, you need to seek pest control solutions from experts. It is their job to get the pests out of the property, commercial or residential. As professional pest controllers handle these odd jobs on a regular basis, it is natural for them to possess more skills in addressing the issue. 


Call us for not just tackling the fleas, but for any type of pests ruining your indoor living experience at your home.


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Why Seeking Dead Animal Removal Services is Important?

Why Seeking Dead Animal Removal Services is Important?  

Do you sense an intense foul smell inside your house but cannot detect its exact source? Is your space infested with pests? There might be a pest lying dead hidden from your eyes somewhere inside. 

Rodents, lizards, and other house pests are experts in creating their secretive hideouts. These hideout zones sometimes are so secretive that reaching there easily becomes a challenge. Did you just manage to eradicate a few of the pestering pests? Wow, Congrats! But, who will remove the carcass now? 

It is not just about whether you feel comfortable doing this nasty job or not. Sometimes pulling out the carcass from the hideout zones is next to impossible without getting totally messed up. 

Al-Maani Pest Control Services do not stay restricted to chasing off, relocating, and eradicating living pests only. We also offer assistance with dead animal removal services in Melbourne

Yes, call us the moment a rancid and putrid smell hits hard your nostrils and you suspect it to be of a decaying pest. 


The Prominent Reasons

It is very important you seek professional help on discovering a carcass of a dead animal lying within your property premise. It needs immediate attention. Why?

  • The smell of the decomposing animal will get overpowering as time passes, choking the house occupants and neighbours 
  • If you have a pet, you will notice the animal will try to go near the carcass and sniff it. It will get itself infected heavily in the process. 
  • Dead animals attract parasites and various disease causing germs, triggering your vulnerabilities to infections. 
  • Many flies feed on the carcass of dead animals lying unattended. The flies then sit on all possible household items, and on people spreading the infections happily. 


How Do We help? 

Al-Maani professionals offer the best dead animal removal services in Melbourne. With our experience in removing the carcasses, our team knows what to do and what not for preventing the spread of infections.  



Our experts reach your place as soon as possible. Obviously, this is the kind of job you wish us to deliver without delay at all. After all, how long your nose can tolerate the odour!  We will be extra prompt with our deliverance here. 

We come prepared properly. Chasing and catching pests requires a kind of preparation. And, taking out the carcass from a confining hideout space and getting rid of it appropriately needs different types of protective measures and preparations. Touching them without ensuring sufficient personal protection can pose a major threat to one, healthwise. 

The carcasses of dead pests like rodents carry innumerable microbes and pathogens. Touching them unprotected can compromise health for sure. Pests, like rodents and pest birds,  always transmit diseases to humans and their lifeless bodies also do not go light on us in this regard. 

We will come to your rescue carrying all the necessary tools and following the right procedure to take them out and dispose of them. 


Do not try to touch the carcass barehand, we repeat it! It will seriously affect your health and others around you. Just call us and let professionals do the needful. 

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