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Know About Australia’s Exotic Bees Before You Remove Their Hives

Know About Australia’s Exotic Bees Before You Remove Their Hives

Australia is rich in wildlife. Being surrounded by the ocean, Australia has huge potential to grow its own ecosystem. And that has happened in Australia in reality. With exotic wild animals and various species of birds, bees and wasps, the Australian ecosystem is one of the most diverse ecosystems around the world. 


This sounds so fascinating. But when certain elements of this wildlife get greater human exposure, problems arise. Like, bees are very beneficial to Australia’s economy. But sometimes, they become very dangerous to humans. Their bites are painful, itchy and can cause severe allergies. 


That’s why removing wasp and bee hives is essential when they are too close to human habitats. In this blog, we will learn about Australian bees and wasps species and how to perform wasps and bees nest hive removal in Melbourne or anywhere.


Australia’s history of bees:


What if I tell you Australia has 2000 bee species? Do you find it shocking? Then let me tell you, Australia has 10,000 wasps species. The numbers of species are surely surprising. But the interesting facts about some of the famous species are more surprising when you know them. 


Australian honey bee:

The Australian honeybee is one of the most exotic creatures in Australia’s wildlife history. These delicate, short-life-spanned yet beautiful and economically essential bees are originally non-native residents of Australia’s mainland. The history of the honeybee lies thousands of years ago in ancient Egypt. Amazingly, honey was the only known sweetener for them in ancient old. 


But Australia gets to know about bees through the colonists in 1820. Imported from England via the ship Isabella, honey is successfully landed in the content and then makes it its natural habitat. 


Mortar bees:

This is another type of bee popularly seen in Australia. This type of bee is essential for pollination. One especially amazing thing about mortar bees is their technique of pollination. They make vibrations by repeatedly flapping wings. Some food crops and flowers get pollinated because of that. Throughout Australia, you can find this type of bee. But some tropical regions like Tasmania and India are not a good habitat for them.


Carpenter bees:

The native Australian bee and biggest in size, the Carpenter bee has its own contribution to the continent’s ecosystem. They build nests around houses. You can easily spot a carpenter bee in outdoor furniture, wooden work or window sliding. A little noisy than other species, carpenter bees usually don’t bite. But you should definitely not provoke them. 

How to remove bees nests:

Wasps and bees nest hive removal in Melbourne can be done in two ways. First, you can remove the hive from your complex or home when all the bees and wasps are away from their hives.


Secondly, also not the best resort, is to destroy the hives when the insects are inside the hive. The second attempt is definitely not advisable. Because bees and wasps have a paramount value in the ecosystem. 


By keeping these points in mind, we need to find out certain ways where we can get rid of them without hampering balance in the ecosystem.


Get rid of the hives:

Here we have pointed out how you can get rid of the hives when bees and wasps are away from their nests.


Use smoke:


Smoke makes bees and wasps uncomfortable. When you make a large amount of smoke persistently, they tend to leave that place. 

For making a large amount of smoke, you can burn sugar. It can cause huge smoke. After bees leave their hives, you can put down the hive and remove it somewhere else. 

When you have a hive inside of your home complex, making smoke can cause damage to residents’ health. Even it can be dangerous if not careful enough. 


Use soap solution:

Another safest way to make bees and wasps move from their hives is to use soap solution in their hives. When you put soap water over the hive, it breaks the waxy bond of the exterior wall. But, bees don’t drown in this process. Hence this is the safest method to keep them alive and move their place from your surroundings. 

But as the waxy exterior is dissolved by soap solutions, the insects tend to fly outside. That’s why you must be careful enough. If the hive is large and is beyond your capability of managing it, then you must not take action alone. You need some assistance over there.


Burn the nest:

Burning the nest is another option you can choose. When they are away from their nest, you can spray some petrol and light the hive up. Be careful while doing the process. It can cause some serious concerns otherwise. 


Prevention before they make a hive:

Taking prevention even before they make a hive is one of the easiest steps to take. Bees generally build their nests in your garden. Eliminating attractions like old branches or leaking fountains can be helpful.  Since bees generally build their hives near an open water source.


If you need to move the hive with wasps and bees inside:

This is one of the very last options left for you. Killing wasps and bees is certainly not recommended, at least not all by yourself. Wasps and bees are generally not ferocious unless you disturb their natural habitat. Now, removing their nests empty or with them is disturbing them. That’s why you must be careful not to get stung by them.


We repeat, killing them should be the last option you must know. 


Hanging traps:

Hanging traps in the garden or near their hives can be useful. You can use a liquid trap for wasps. Wasps are attracted to smells and liquids. Use a significant one that can attract them. They will keep coming to them and drown there. Thus you can get rid of wasps from your garden.



We already have mentioned that bees and wasps generally don’t attack people in normal circumstances. But it can attack you while in the process of removing beehives and wasps nests. To remain secure from their attack, you must take precautions beforehand. 


Wear protective gear:

Wearing protective gear is a must. Even if you are removing small size of beehives, you must put on protective clothes. Make sure you are fully covered in those clothes. 


If you are attacked: 

If you are attacked by bees or wasps, do not engage with them. Hiding in a safe place should be your first choice. When you are bitten by one bee, take shelter behind a closed door asap. Bees leave scented marker after they bite you. The scent attracts more bees and they try to bite you over and over again.


Visit a doctor:

Even after taking all the protection mentioned above, you can still be stung. When you are bitten by these insects, pay a visit to the nearby doctor available. The poison is not deadly. But the allergy caused by the poison can be deadly to some people. Especially, if you are allergic to this poison, never delay when you are bitten.


Call for professional assistance: for wasps and bees nest hive removal in Melbourne:

The most secure way to remove bees and wasps from your home and building is to call for professional help. If you are in Melbourne or in its surroundings, the AL-MAANI pest control service provider can do a great job in removing wasps and bees nest hive removal in Melbourne. This pest control team are highly skilled and experienced in dealing with these concerns.  Contact them today at 0435 010 341 if you have found a new hive near your garden. We wish you good health and an insect-free environment to live in. 


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As the world is slowly getting scarce of trees, birds are searching for their place in human habitats. In the urban living areas, homeowners and businesses are experiencing huge bird infestation due to a lack of greenery outside. To maintain the4 standard of living and eliminates the damage to property people are choosing bird nest controllers. For Australians, you can call AL-MAANI for bird nest removal control in Melbourne. 

In this blog, we have discussed everything about birds’ nests and their removal process. Keep reading to know the necessary precaution you need to take before you jump into action.


What are a bird’s nest and its importance?

To state it in a single word, bird nests are homes to birds. Though the purpose of it depends on different reasons. As there are unique species that have distinct habitation priorities, nests for them serve different purposes. Regular birds like sparrows, pigeons, owls, etc live in humans’ homes. They just bring in some dry grass and make a shelter in a secluded corner of concrete buildings. But exotic birds like eagle builds its nest in wild far from human civilization. Moreover, there are certain types of birds who nest only once a year and lay eggs there. However, there are other species, that build nests around 4 times a year. As you can see, for birds, their nests hold a special reason to exist. That’s why, before moving to remove their ne4sts, we, humans must be very careful about its purpose and surroundings. 

We must hold some empathy before we jump into the action of making them homeless in a jiff.

Issues human faces for birdnest:

Now is the time to speak about humans and their problems regarding bird nests in their homes, garages or in their cars. There is no doubt that birds are important for ecology. But sometimes, damages done by them can be really expensive to bear. 

Here are a few damages, we get across because there are birds in our surroundings.

Birds do not only chirp in the morning. But they are active carriers of many contaminated diseases. Exposure to that disease can be life-threatening. That’s why it is a good decision not to be too close to them and their nests.

Birds drop things too frequently. Dried fruits, seeds, nesting materials, and feathers are seen here and there around their nests. To clean a home and office multiple times are time-consuming and costly.

Birds’ poops can make your space look ugly af. It also spreads a foul smell. Too much of it can ruin your standard of living and your reputation as a business. Sounds odd? But would you care to visit a place that radiates bird pooping smells all over the place? No, right? 

Personally, I find messy cars with bird poop most disgusting. But, this is one of the most common problems we regularly face. Even in the breeding period, migrating birds tend to make nests under care. Many times, we are unaware of this fact. That‘s how we become harmful to them unknowingly.

Every growing city lacks greenery. Thus, birds are in scare of place to build nests and reproduce. This is one of the main concerns why birds build nests in concrete homes, garages, under cars, and sometimes in ventilation too. As a result, their life remains in peril and raise serious questions about our safety around electrical wires through vents. 

Bird nest removal control:


Some people don’t understand why they need a bird’s nest removal control. Because they don’t count birds as pests. Even the pest control they don”t5 offer service for problems regarding bird nests. That”s why we need to ask for bird nest removal control separately. In urban cities, many bird nest removal company offers professional service to clean up the mess birds make. For that reason, companies like AL-MAANI pest control offers services like birds nest removal control in Melbourne. These companies are knowledgeable experts in this domain. Thus they offer help that works well for both parties. The team first searches about the bird species and learns more about them After confirming their habitats properties and breeding period, they decide to move forward with the task of removing bird nests.  

What these service providers never promote is the killing of birds. That’s why they work when it is an off-season for their breeding session. And in case of emergency removal, they first find out a suitable place to redshift the nest intact. Thus they don’t get hurt or lose their eggs.

How To Use Bird Removal Control Effectively:

The easiest way to remove bird nests is not to let them build in the first place. For that, you have to follow a few steps below.

Nesting Prohibition:

To stop the birds from building nests on your premises, there are certain ways. We have mentioned the most effective way below.


Places like Melbourne, use netting to tackle infestation problems of birds like pigeons and seagulls. If you secure your premise with a net, you can be 100% assured that there will be no more bird nests in the area covered. 

The benefits of using the netting as a bird nest removal control policy are its durability. Nets are highly durable and super affordable. It runs for years and demands no maintenance. 


Using nails on the wall premises is an old method to keep animals and birds away from your place. Use spikes while building the wall fence. It is a highly secure way to stop sitting birds on your wall. The nails are secured in concrete. Thus it runs longer than most of the other elements.

Electrical Defense:

This is one of the most harmless ways to stop birds from visiting your place too frequently. A few damage-free electrical devices are available on the market. Buy one of them and secure it into a suitable position. It gives a little shock to the birds but doesn’t kill them. Soft toys can be a carrier for these gadgets. 

Optical Illusion:

 It’s funny but even a kid’s toy can be super effective if you want to keep your balcony free from birds. Place soft plushies like tiger, panda, etc. Hide them among tubs and flower pots. It neither gives them electric shock nor hurts their wings. 

What Not To Do While Bird Nest Removal Control:

As we have already mentioned what to do to remove bird nests and make your place free from them. It is time, for now, to note down what not to do in the process. 

Do Not Hurry:

Please understand the facts that birds are living creatures. It simply means that they need a home, a family, food, etc. While talking about removing bird nests, we are about to redshift their place to live on. That’s why learning to wait till they are away from nests is good. By that, you will mean no scare to them.

Call For Professional Help:

As the process is delicate and required soft skills, it is always better to call for professional help. For bird nest removal control in Melbourne, call  Al-MAANI PEST CONTROL for their expertise. They are one of the leading businesses in the industry in Melbourne and have knowledgeable workers. They get rid of any nesting found in your home or office effectively. Book an appointment today.


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Why Bird Pest Control and Removal is important for any business in Melbourne?

Why Bird Pest Control and Removal is important for any business ?


Nesting of birds can not only bring health hazards or wastage of money in cleaning but also cost you property damages

  • Nesting materials and droppings contain various parasites and transferable diseases. Moreover birds are likely to contaminate the food products and stock with their transferable diseases. This can be detrimental to your office staff and employees including you.
  • Since droppings are highly acidic in nature, they could stain and corrode your building materials as well as your product stock. Birds physically damage your building structure and rooftops for nesting purposes. Eventually, this will cost you repairs cost.
  • Cleaning droppings regularly could cost businesses much more than eradicating a pest invasion with pest control and removal services.
  • Nesting materials and feathers could clog the drains and gutters of your building turning it into damp waste and thereby cost you cleaning work.
  • There is also a high chance of encountering mites and lice that can be an added reason of concern in future.


4 ways you can avoid bird infestation around your business premises


  •       Netting:

Netting is one of the most common bird invasions, in Melbourne include seagull and pigeon infestations. Net act as an effective tool to prevent seagulls, pigeons and any other birds to settle down in your premises. You can expect 100% results as netting ensures there is no roosting and nesting in the area the best part is such nets are customizable according to the requirement of your property. This net protection system is durable and provides long term value securing your home from bird invasion for a long time to come.

A word of caution for bird lovers. Netting can end up with life-threatening injuries to the birds by getting their legs, wings or beaks tangled in the netting or, if not spotted by anyone who can help free them, they can eventually starve to death.

  •       Spikes:

This method is dependent on your property. There is an inspection that is required to be done to understand if spiking is a good fit for your home.

After the inspection is done and the expert has suggested you install spikes, you can then go ahead with it. Spikes do not harm the birds in anyway and stop them from entering your premises but obviously installation of spikes is conditional option.

  • Electric Deterrent:

Electric deterrents are cost-effective options and that prevent birds from entering your property by giving out an electrical charge that is painful but doesn’t harm them. These gadgets can be installed on the edges, parapets, roof, and beams of your building to keep away seagulls and pigeons and any other birds trying to make way inside your home.

  • Optical Scare:

An optical scarer is a gadget powered by solar energy that reflects light beams to the bird and imitates the appearance of a predator. This keeps the birds at bay. However, this method is only effective for birds approaching your property to land and not sitting birds. It is not a 100 percent fool-proof method still can be used to reduce the chances of bird penetration.

Should you need professional bird nest removal control services in Melbourne, please contact Almaani Pest control. We provide professional Pest control services all around Melbourne.

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