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While birds might not make your skin crawling, they can be a true pest for your businesses and properties everywhere. One of the foremost common complaints with pest birds is extensive damage to properties from droppings. Not only are droppings unsightly and damaging to your business’s reputation, they are cause for slip and fall issues, likewise because the spread of diseases including SARS and Salmonella.

Moreover, birds are identified to be a transporter of fleas and mites, which eventually enables these pests to spread furthermore. Pro-grade bird and nest removal services only can take care of the situation. Bites from bird mites can be quite painful and flea and mite populations can build up very quickly if not addressed.

And if you are searching for peace and quiet, birds are a pest you do not want around. We are determined to assist you maintain peace of mind with a property surrounded by silence.

Our Tactic

Our solutions to bird control include the installation of permanent products for buildings and surrounding properties using:

  • Bird Netting
  • Bird Spikes
  • Bird Flight Deterrent Systems
  • Bird Wire & Shock Systems

You’ll find peace of mind knowing that these options won’t kill or injure birds, but will ultimately make it uncomfortable for them to rest on your property.

When it comes to bird and nest removal services, we conduct free onsite assessments for a range of situations and thorough home inspections. Our solution ranges come tailored to your budget. We also provide thorough home inspections, offering a range of solutions which are tailored for your budget.

Bird Pest Control

Pest birds giving you grief? Let’s give them the Flick! Our experts have devised innovative methods to prevent pest birds from nesting and causing damage to your valuable property. Our solutions are tailor-made for each client, with effective and professional solutions for bird control that cause minimal harm to the birds but keep your premises clean and secure.

While Australia boasts many beautiful birds, introduced species have settled in urban areas and can cause harm such as structural damage to buildings and storefronts, spreading disease, mites and bacteria, triggering alarms and damaging the reputation of businesses.

Cockroaches are quite a common pest that is found in all over the world.

They are usually entering premises because they are attracted by the food sources available. Al-Maani Pest Control can address the infestation in a tactful manner with guaranteed results. The cockroach pest control program starts with an inspection to determine the Signs of their presence by checking for droppings, smear marks, and shed skin.

Hire expert solutions before these little creepers threaten your overall health and well-being.

Some common species of cockroach include:

German Cockroach: Identifiable by the two dark vertical stripes on their pronotum, the German cockroach is the most common cockroach seen around the world. They tend to gravitate toward wet and humid areas.

American Cockroach: Distinctly brownish-red in colour, the American cockroach usually lives in trees and is known for its large size. It can grow to be between 35-40mm long.

Australian Cockroach: Despite its name, the Australian cockroach is not actually native to Australia at all. They tend to find home in areas that are not generally subject to extremely cold conditions in winter.

There are extraordinary range of spider spices in Australia, all of which breed in numerous conditions. Quite few them are known for their deadly bites. And you shouldn’t take the spiders at your property casually.

Some spider spices that are commonly found inside the residence have adapted to the indoor conditions and can live with less food in less humid atmosphere. Also, few can even survive for months without the food or water! Spiders that live outdoors prefer warm and moist surroundings, in which insects are their favourite source of food.

We offer revised spider treatment services based on the type of spider at your property, the level of infestation, and other factors. Our treatment services also include enduring spider pest control tactics for your property.

At Al-Maani Pest Control, we offer professional spider removal and spider control in all around Melbourne.

Red-Back Spider

Female up to 14mm Male up to 3mm

This spider has a pea-shaped abdomen with a characteristic red or orange stripe. Red-Backs build webs in and around your home throughout rubbish, around pot plants, outdoor furniture and logs.

White Tail Spider

Female up to 20mm Male up to 12mm

A dull, dark grey with a characteristic white spot on the end of the abdomen. Usually encountered inside houses sheltering from the weather or introduced on clothing brought in from the clothes line. Bites are very common due to the habits of this spider.

Black House Spider

Female up to 18mm Male up to 9mm

A dark brown to grey/black robust spider with some body markings. They build webs in the cavities of your home or in dark corners of windows, verandas, sheds or fences.

Huntsman Spider

Female up to 45mm

The Huntsman is mostly grey to brown with large long legs. They are often found around homes and gardens in search of prey.

Wolf Spider

Female up to 35mm Male up to 20mm

Wolf spiders have a mottled grey and brown body, and harbour under leaf litter in the garden or burrows in the ground around the home.

Brown Trapdoor Spider

Female up to 35mm Male up to 23mm

The ground dwelling Trapdoor spider is a dull brown colour and covered in pale gold fine hairs. They are usually found harbouring inside burrows.

Orb-Weaving Spider

Female up to 30mm Male up to 20mm

A reddish brown to grey spider with a leaf shaped pattern on their abdomen. They build suspended, sticky, wheeled shaped orb webs between trees and shrubs where insects are likely to fly.

So, you think that you have got rodents. Perhaps you saw what you think that are mouse or rat droppings? You may have seen food items within the pantry that have been chewed through as well. which indicate that you need rodent control? Rodents are a huge problem in the Melbourne. Al-Maani Pest Control is experienced at trapping, preventing and eliminating these rats and mice from every kind of structure. There are different ways to tackle such infestation, but adopting all-around mice and rats pest control strategy is a must.

Al-Maani Pest Control will start with an inspection to determine where there is rodent activity. We are going to detect the location where the rats or mice are hiding and feeding, determine the scope of the rodent control problem and advice with you the most effective solution. Usually, your Al-Maani technician will recommend several rodent control strategies to resolve your mouse or rat issues. That usually includes using poison baits to kill rodents, setting traps to kill more rodents, and exclusion work to prevent new rodents from getting into your home or business.

Our deterrent mice and rats pest control tactic will find the rodent entry points and then cover them to keep the mice and rats out. Rodent bait stations will require for constant maintenance to be effective and keeping them filled with bait can be rolled into our general pest control service with multiple service discounts that apply.

We know! Fleas are so annoying! They can be a constant nuisance to everyone in the house including adults, children, and all kinds of pets including birds! If you can’t get rid of the infestation with medication

Al-Maani Pest Control will find and attempt to control the source of the infestation. We will inspect the property for the source like stray cats, stray dogs, squirrels, rats, and mice among other things. Our general pest control services cover both indoor and outdoor flea treatment to protect your family and your pets. Don’t let a flea infestation develop in your home and yard.

These tiny insects hide to shelter when disturbed, and there is a high risk of you hurting yourself while chasing them down. They love to hide in crevices and crack and can be difficult to remove. Al-Maani general pest control services can take care of these tiny monsters who dare to disturb your peace.

Silverfish infestation can affect a person in several ways:

  • Silverfish are nocturnal and can be difficult to spot during the day.
  • They build their colonies near the food supply.
  • They chew on everything from your clothing to books to food and carpets.
  • They feed a lot on silk, yarn, wool, glue, paper, etc., and destroy them entirely.
  • Their bites make holes and leave yellow stains on the material.
  • Silverfish even cause severe allergies in humans.
  • Their attendance in the house may cause asthma.
  • They can live in the walls and ceilings for many years, making your home their everlasting nest.
  • They attract other pests such as spiders and cockroaches that can spread diseases in the house.
  • Furthermore, they even spoil your kitchen pantries by contaminate cereals, bread, and other food items inside the sealed packages.
  • Call our now to eliminate these irritating insects from your home and significantly from your life.

Our end-of-lease treatment control service package also can deal with this to eliminate these irritating insects from your home. Call us to make your place a safe abode for you.

How do our bee removal services work?

In most of the situations in built up urban areas, the bees nearly impossible to be physically taken away. Our harmless, and cost-effective bees and wasp pest control service include terminating their hives quickly and effectively using a specialized non-hazardous technique.

Al-Maani is able to offer this, as well as:

  • Quick & consistent service
  • Guaranteed work satisfaction
  • Professional in walls, vents and chimneys
  • Safe bee removal treatments
  • Bee control assistance on reducing future problems
  • Choice of days/timings to suits your need.
  • Friendly skilled Technician with local knowledge
  • A trusted family-owned and operated business for over many years
  • Best value of money & service satisfaction guaranteed

The bee removal approaches that Al-Maani Pest Control carried out are non-hazardous, odourless, and you are not required to evacuate your home or property during or after the treatment. You can seek this service via our specially designed end-of-lease treatment control. You will need to avoid the treatment area until all bees have gone, which is usually within an hour.

More info about bees and how they can affect your residence or business

The bees that are encountered in Melbourne as swarms or established colonies in buildings and structures are non-native feral European bees. These bees are equally as noxious as rabbits, foxes or cane toads and can displace or eliminate our local native species. They also present a significant risk to people and pets through painful and/or potentially life threatening stings and attacks, which is why many residents and business owners in Melbourne rely on bee control services.

Common situations in which bees can become a significant pest or threat if left unattended to include:

  • Swarms are often encountered as a mass of 1,000ʼs of bees either on a bush or tree, or on the wall of a building or structure. Potentially extremely dangerous if disturbed or interfered with.
  • An established nest or colony are often found in a wall, vent, a chimney or other sheltered environment and can be identified by a constant “stream” of bees coming and going from the specific point. Potentially extremely dangerous if disturbed.
  • Scout Bees are persistent bees that are effectively “reconnaissance bees” for the main colony or swarm looking for suitable locations to establish a new colony. Moderately dangerous, especially “lost” bees that penetrate inside a home, and although almost dead, can still inflict a full and potent sting.
  • “Robber” or Return Bees are often when an old or established nest is eliminated and the entry holes are not blocked up, or the honey and comb are not removed, then hungry “Robber Bees” will systematically remove any leftover or residual honey from the nest. These bees are only moderately dangerous and will only appear randomly and inconsistently.

Overall, bees can be quite dangerous to both people and pets. Contact us today and let us take care of your bee removal in an expert and efficient way.

Dead animal removal isn’t easy – It’s hard to live with too! Seek Al-Maani General Pest Control Services

When it comes to pests, the last thing you need is the rotting corpse of a dead animal. It’s a matter of calling the professionals in pest control and removing dead animals ASAP. Unfortunately, a pest such as vermins or rodents doesn’t often die in open spaces. They can be found in very tight and difficult-to-reach areas of the premises. You might not notice they’re dead until you smell the rotting corpse, necessitating immediate dead animal removal. Our end-of-lease treatment control service can cater to this situation timely. Unfortunately, a pest such as vermin or rodents don’t often die in the open spaces. They can be found in very tight and difficult to reach area of the premises. You might not notice they’re dead until you smell the rotting corpse. Then it’s absolutely time for proper dead animal removal. That’s where Al-Maani Pest Control can help.

Why are dead animals such annoying pests?

It’s a serious pest control issue when animals, pests and rodents come into your residence or commercial properties and do not leave. There are even bigger hassles to confront when they die in your place. The foul odour and stench that comes from a dying animal carcass is a serious health concern. Needless to say, the smell is unbearable. The need to locate the source of the odour indicates that the dead body of the pest is lying trapped in a wall cavity or somewhere within the roof. To locate the position of the carcass is important, but the animal carcass removal itself can become tricky and sometimes impossible. It is where Al-Maani Pest Control can make all the difference.

Before you end up paying for something that you don’t need, talk to the true professionals at Al-Maani Pest Control. We don’t charge for something we don’t or won’t be able to do.

Hello to Al-Maani and goodbye to pest control problems

A lot many things can go wrong with a dying pest and animal corpse removal if done carelessly. There are never-ending horror stories of people trying to get rid of the smell or the body of a rotting pest in their home or workplace.

The keys to a proper animal carcass removal and dead animal clean up are:

  • Finding the exact location of the dead animal
  • Checking that there are no other pests still active in the area or home
  • Providing a thorough dead animal clean up and sealing all entry points for pests

There are all sorts of horror stories when things are done incorrectly. Some measures result in damage to the property and end in unnecessary and costly repairs. Any dead animal removal project needs to be carefully investigated and carried out with precision and care. It is easy to make the matter worse. Simply trying to get rid of the odour with amateur or homemade remedies may mask the smell for a while, but could lead to added trouble down the line.

Ignoring the dead pest problem can also make things worse. It runs the risk of attracting other pests in the process. Seeking professional help can guide you correctly and thoroughly through each step in the pest control mission. Our general pest control services will prove to be helpful.

You might find the carcass of a dead animal in your Melbourne Garden or backyard. As unpleasant as this is, it can be quickly removed by our Al-Maani Carcass Removal Services experts. However, there are many less obvious final resting places for the bodies of animals to be located. When we say ‘less obvious’ we do mean to the eyes. Sadly, the foul smell emanating from them is a serious signal indicating that action needs to be taken – and QUICKLY!.

This might be in your wall area, under the subfloor, or in the loft or roof space. The latter, if it is insulated against the cold that can pervade a Melbourne winter, might be a particularly inviting location for an animal to settle down for a long sleep. Also, your central heating system can direct the concern quickly to the nose.

Such problems need to be located by professionals and then dealt with safely. For any such situation in Melbourne and our suburbs, many people call out our team here at Al-Maani to provide the necessary Carcass Removal Services. It’s also possible that where there are dead animals, there might also be several other living nuisances to deal with. We need to seal the possible entry points or take other precautions.

Our Al-Maani professionals are experts in undertaking professional carcass removal. Our team is fully licensed and accredited. We hold Combined Liability Insurance and operate in tune with the relevant Australian Standards. The quotations are obligation-free, we offer great value-for-money, and our work carries an extensive warranty.

With a terrific Google Rating, and many awards and testimonials, it’s great that so many customers recommend Al-Maani to their family, friends and work colleagues. So, if you have a problem with one or more dead animals on your property, please give us a call, and we’ll move swiftly into action for you.

Save yourself time, money and a load of headaches

With Al-Maani Pest Control on the job, you’ll always know what is being done and why. There are no nasty surprises with the trusted professionals on your side. You can help make any dead animal removal easier by calling Al-Maani Pest Control as soon as you think you have a problem. There is no point in waiting for things to get worse. Who needs the hassle of washing clothes or linen that reeks of the stinking dead animal?

We have in-depth knowledge and years of experience in getting all types of pests under control as quickly and effectively as possible, including animal carcass removal.


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