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Bees Wasps Control

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Bees Wasps Control

How do our bee removal services work?
In most situations in built up urban areas, the bees are nearly impossible to be physically taken away. Our harmless, and cost-effective bees and wasp control service include terminating their hives quickly and effectively using a specialized non-hazardous technique.

Al-Maani is able to offer this, as well as:
  • Quick & consistent service
  • Guaranteed work satisfaction
  • Friendly and skilled professionals
  • Safe bee removal treatments
  • Bees and wasps control assistance in reducing future problems
  • Choice of days/timings to suit your needs.
  • A trusted family-owned and operated business for over many years
  • Best value for money & service satisfaction guaranteed
Al-Maani Pest Control Services

CThe Bees and wasps control approaches that Al-Maani Pest Control carried out are non-hazardous and odourless, and you are not required to evacuate your home or property during or after the treatment.

You can also access Bees and wasps control services via our specially designed end-of-lease treatment control. You will need to avoid the treatment area until all bees have gone, which is usually within an hour.

More info about bees and how they can affect your residence or business

The bees that are encountered in Melbourne as swarms or established colonies in buildings and structures are non-native feral European bees. These bees are equally as noxious as rabbits, foxes or cane toads and can displace or eliminate our local native species. They also present a significant risk to people and pets through painful and/or potentially life-threatening stings and attacks, which is why many residents and business owners in Melbourne rely on bee control services.

Common situations in which bees can become a significant pest or threat if left unattended include:
  • Swarms are often encountered as a mass of 1,000ʼs of bees either on a bush or tree or on the wall of a building or structure. Potentially extremely dangerous if disturbed or interfered with.
  • An established nest or colony are often found in a wall, vent, a chimney or other sheltered environment and can be identified by a constant “stream” of bees coming and going from a specific point. Potentially extremely dangerous if disturbed.
  • Scout Bees are persistent bees that are effective “reconnaissance bees” for the main colony or swarm looking for suitable locations to establish a new colony. Moderately dangerous, especially “lost” bees that penetrate inside a home, and although almost dead, can still inflict a full and potent sting.
  • “Robber” or Return Bees are often when an old or established nest is eliminated and the entry holes are not blocked up, or the honey and comb are not removed, then hungry “Robber Bees” will systematically remove any leftover or residual honey from the nest. These bees are only moderately dangerous and will only appear randomly and inconsistently.

Overall, bees can be quite dangerous to both people and pets. Contact us for availing bees and wasps control services today and let us take care of the situation in an expert and efficient way.

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