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Rats & Mice Control

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Rats & Mice Control

So, you think that you have got rodents. Perhaps you saw what you think are mouse or rat droppings? You may have seen food items within the pantry that have been chewed through as well. which indicates that you need rats and mice control? Rodents are a huge problem in Melbourne. Al-Maani Pest Control is experienced at trapping, preventing and eliminating these rats and mice from every kind of structure. There are different rats and mice control ways to tackle such infestation, but adopting all-around mice and rats pest control strategy is a must.

Al-Maani Pest Control will start with an inspection to determine where there is rodent activity. We are going to detect the location where the rats or mice are hiding and feeding, determine the scope of the rats and mice control problem and advice you on the most effective solution. Usually, your Al-Maani technician will recommend several rodent control strategies to resolve your mouse or rat issues. That usually includes using poison baits to kill rodents, setting traps to kill more rodents, and exclusion work to prevent new rodents from getting into your home or business.

Al-Maani Pest Control Services

Our deterrent rats and mice control tactic will find the rodent entry points and then cover them to keep the mice and rats out. Rodent bait stations will require constant maintenance to be effective and keeping them filled with bait can be rolled into our general pest control service with multiple service discounts that apply.

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