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Spider Control Service

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Spider Control Service

There is an extraordinary range of spider species in Australia, all of which breed in numerous conditions. Quite a few of them are known for their deadly bites. And you shouldn’t take the spiders at your property casually, so seek spider control solutions fast.

Some spider species that are commonly found inside the residence have adapted to the indoor conditions and can live with less food in a less humid atmosphere. Also, few can even survive for months without food or water! Spiders that live outdoors prefer warm and moist surroundings, in which insects are their favourite source of food.

We offer revised spider control services based on the type of spider at your property, the level of infestation, and other factors. Our treatment services also include enduring spider pest control tactics for your property.

At Al-Maani Pest Control, we offer professional spider removal and spider control all around Melbourne.

Al-Maani Pest Control Services

Red-Back Spider

Female up to 14mm Male up to 3mm

This spider has a pea-shaped abdomen with a characteristic red or orange stripe. Red-Backs build webs in and around your home throughout rubbish, around pot plants, outdoor furniture and logs.

White Tail Spider

Female up to 20mm Male up to 12mm

A dull, dark grey with a characteristic white spot on the end of the abdomen. Usually encountered inside houses sheltering from the weather or introduced on clothing brought in from the clothes line. Bites are very common due to the habits of this spider.

Black House Spider

Female up to 20mm Male up to 12mm

A dark brown to grey/black robust spider with some body markings. They build webs in the cavities of your home or in dark corners of windows, verandas, sheds or fences.

Huntsman Spider

Female up to 45mm

The Huntsman is mostly grey to brown with large long legs. They are often found around homes and gardens in search of prey.

Wolf Spider

Female up to 35mm Male up to 20mm

Wolf spiders have a mottled grey and brown body, and harbour under leaf litter in the garden or burrows in the ground around the home.

Brown Trapdoor Spider

Female up to 35mm Male up to 23mm

The ground-dwelling Trapdoor spider is a dull brown colour and covered in pale gold fine hairs. They are usually found harbouring inside burrows.

Orb-Weaving Spider

Female up to 30mm Male up to 20mm

A reddish brown to grey spider with a leaf shaped pattern on its abdomen. They build suspended, sticky, wheeled shaped orb webs between trees and shrubs where insects are likely to fly.

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