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Our Professional Team gives you Best Service and Excellent Support.

Explore Our Services Our Professional Team gives you Best Service and Excellent Support.

We offer wide range of services includes all that is needed in order to keep a Domestic, Industrial, Commercial and End of Lease facility functioning at maximum capacity.

We help to develop your business. We provide the best service that comes with the best results.

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Residential Pest Control

We care for your family and well-being. That is why homeowners across Australia Al-Maani Pest Control when it comes to their pest control needs. Our wide range of pest control treatments for home give you peace of mind and protect you from pest-related illnesses.

Our sweet home was never used to define a place patronized with unpleasant pest problems.

Your family and your health can get severely affected when your home becomes a breeding ground for pesticides. They spread an range of infections and diseases.

Another way pests and insect infestation can cost you a fortune by the damages that they cause to your property and furniture which gets very expensive to repair and/or replace. And as dark as the extent of their tyranny sounds, you also have to remember that the values of properties that have been subjected to.

To get rid of the danger, we provide you the service of many years of experience in domestic pest control and a team of trained experts.

Our same day service is aimed towards ensuring you don't have to wait for an intensive inspection of your property. Get the treatment started in a flash at affordable rates!

we have a ground-breaking research and enthusiastic team that studies the nature and behaviour of household pests and insects to understand their biology and therefore provide the best and most effective residential pest control treatment to drive them away from your home.

Our job is to making your residence a happy and healthy again with the use of all natural, environment friendly treatments and the use of the latest technology. We are ensuring to keep your family safe from harmful chemicals and uphold our accountability to the environment and surroundings.

We even give you some time off to relax while our experts are on it. Treatment process requires you to stay away from the residential premises for about 3 to 5 hours. So when you return completely revitalized, you're welcomed with a clean and pest free home, just the way you dream it would be!

And if the unwanted pests comeback, so do we – without hesitation!

So CALLus now for a inspection or a treatment and we'll give you a customised plan that suits your best interest!

residential pest control
commercial pest control
Commercial Pest Control

Al-Maani Pest Control is able to protect your brand reputation and operations from unwanted pests. We provide the highest levels of risk management, reassurance and responsiveness to national and international customers across multi-site and single site operations.

At Al-Maani we offer professional pest control services to a range of businesses and commercial sites for various pest problems. We are going to work with you to keep your business safe, reducing the danger of product contamination. We also offer pest managing plans that are specifically customised for you, regardless of the scale of your business.

A Pest free workplace makes for a happier workplace. From cockroaches and mice to, ants and everything in between, pests are often accountable for a variety of illnesses and health issues. If these infections are spread amongst the staff members within the workplace, this can result in a decline in efficiency and loss of money, so it’s best to eliminate an infestation as soon as possible. If you need fast and effective commercial pest control services in Melbourne, Latrobe Valley, Gippsland or East Gippsland, get in touch with the specialists at Al-Maani Pest Control.

Our professional pest control services practice in accordance with any HAACP system. An effective, well-documented pest management treatment develops food safety and integrity. We provide professional, expert advice, as well as bait station maps & locations, inclusive reports, MDS (material data sheets), and other documents in one user friendly booklet.

We also provide Service report which is important for your company, not only satisfaction that the treatment is being done, but also as paperworks that you are applying a pest tactic which is being regularly checked.

Our complete reports include checklist that every bait station has been serviced on regular basis. This provides our clients peace of mind and assurance before every site visit, and is in accordance with state and federal health and safety guidelines, AQIS, and HACCP.

Al-Maani Pest Control has a proficiency with knowledge in pest management.

End of Lease

Our specialists are fully trained, licensed, as well as carry a comprehensive insurance, to guarantee peace of mind. It is also important to note that end of lease pest control treatments will be carried out after the furniture is removed and all the cleaning has taken place.

end of lease pest control


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